Solar C Shading

A cost-effective simple bladed lightweight system.

Key Characteristics

  • A simple and effective fixed aluminium C-section brise soleil
  • Position above or around windows
  • Provides a practical way of managing solar radiation whilst adding a modern architectural aesthetic
  • Designed to provide high light transmission but low heat transmission
  • Available in modular pre-assembled form to reduce installation time
  • Solar C Shading

    Six blade profiles are available varying in width from 100mm to 150mm. A perforated blade is also available with a width of 110mm. The pitch between the blades is normally set at 100mm but this can be varied to suit the blade size and angle.

    Five basic Solar C brise soleil rafter designs are available. Their use depends on the fixing method and the loadings on the structure. For any projections less than 1m the rafter can be cantilevered from the building structure, assuming the wind load is not excessive. Maintenance walkways with kick plate and hand rails can be attached to the rafter to enable access for cleaning.

    Solar C is normally provided as a continuous brise soleil louvre system mounted either above or below fixed rafters projecting from the building. However, if a panellised system is preferred, then this is available with profiled end plates which can make a prominent feature to a building. This can also reduce installation time.

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